In the past twelve months, I undertook a major renovation of my home. This was the first time I was involved in a project of this size. The project called for a gut renovation of a majority of the house (while my three sons and I continued to live in the home). This included a complete redesign of the entire first floor (kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom) which involved the removal of a major load bearing wall. We also gut renovated the master bath (adding a laundry closet) and a hall bath on the second floor while redesigning the master bedroom and all common areas of the house. 

Merri's knowledge of floor layout and modern design concepts allowed for a project with a number of unique twists to come together on time and within the original budget. Merri was flexible in providing advice and guidance on the project while also being careful to incorporate my ideas. She has the ability to take the thoughts/concepts of a client and turn them into reality in the project. My experience is this is not a universal ability for all designers. She was always sure to listen to my requests and take the time to point out the issues these requests can have on the project including timing and budget ramifications. 

Finally, Merri worked well with a number of subs on the job to be sure that they were following her design concept while the project advanced from the rip out to finish stages. I was highly impressed with her and I continued to use her expertise on the finish work including color design, drapery suggestions as well as furniture and carpeting choices. I enthusiastically recommend Merri for your project.   Noel January 2012

“Meredith is extremely creative, detail-oriented, and analytical in her work. She has a strong grasp of the technical side of design as well as the aesthetic. Her interpersonal and problem solving skills are excellent. She is a true professional. I highly recommend her services, and would hire her again without hesitation.” Andrea S., Jewelry designer June 22, 2010


Thank you...we had a nightmare kitchen, but now we have our dreams. We are very happy & relieved that we found you! Your honest, straightforward approach to our questions and needs gave us the peace of mind we needed to make the right decisions for the project. You instilled a level of confidence by being a great listener, ad helped us decipher our own needs/wants, as well as helped us to solve some design challenges. You listened to our requests, and when you knew we were “off base” on what we wanted, you clearly explained why it wouldn’t work but offered fabulous alternatives. Your suggestions and plans produced the perfect kitchen for us. every professional you introduced to us was just as skilled-from the contractor to the granite yard. Because of your knowledge, professionalism, responsiveness, positive attitude, and great personality, the kitchen looks fantastic and we could not be happier. Everybody who comes to see our remodel has the same reaction, WOW! Thank you so much for all you did in creating a beautiful new kitchen for our home. We’re sure it is something we will enjoy and be proud of for yours to come...  

Debbie and Mike Burack       January 2012

“Meredith is a superb designer, and I will always recommend her to all who wish to have the best with a desire for watching your budget. She is truly consistent and reliable. Her excellent work ethic, and her superb knowledge of her job make her a super designer. I'm sorry the job ended so fast, Meredith is a delight to work with” Tony G., June 22, 2010